About This Site

Welcome to TheKnittervention! A place for beginner to advanced fiber artists.



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Welcome to TheKnittervention!

I’m working on growing my small business, and would love to collaborate with other knit and fashion designers💕

I’m also a supporter of other female owned small businesses, especially in the Greater Detroit area! As one of the first members of the Dames Collective Detroit Chapter, I believe in empowering other women and helping them grow their businesses within this wonderful community!

Here you will find:

  • Patterns for purchase and some for Free
  • Upcoming patterns and test knitting calls
  • Knitting tips and tricks every Thursday geared toward beginner to advanced knitters
  • Saturday Spinning Tips and Tricks the First Saturday of the month.
  • Links and resources for Knitting, Crocheting, and Spinning
  • And some of my personal WIPs from time to time

I would love feedback, especially if you enjoy the content or if you have requests for what you would like to see or learn!  Use the links to my email or DM me on Instagram to let me know!

Happy Knitting!